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Travelers OWN A TABLET   

Did you know 44% of travelers own a tablet, and 4 in 10 plan to purchase one by the end of 2014? Travelers have changed, and it's time for the guest experience to get an upgrade. Merchants with mobile apps bring in more revenue, an extra 10-15% on average. Are you missing an opportunity to improve your guest experience and grow your revenue?

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Promote your Brand

Reach new customers with your digital business card displayed to all Foli users. Include your hotel image & business information to increase brand visibility and awareness.

Custom Uploads

Personalize your page with menus, newsletters, spa bookings, local attractions, and so much more. Control content placement to cater to your guests’ diverse interests.

More Content, More Rooms

Display unlimited custom content with our virtual bookshelf. The shelf stretches infinitely to host all hotel materials and magazines without slowing down service.


Once Foli is set up, we handle everything from geo-fencing the site, to maintaining your page with custom content and magazines.

Foli Offers
Excite your modern travelers with our mobile service
Increase customer loyalty with our unique branding platform
Decrease operational costs with a better service
Stand out, stay ahead, and create additional revenue
Be a Green Leader by saving paper
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digital concierge
Interactive Multimedia

Upgrade from static, pdf applications to a custom interactive and multimedia experience for guests

Digitally Streamlined

Digitally streamline all hotel services and print materials, reducing overhead and time spent on updates

Local Recommendations

Give guests a more personalized experience with local recommendations on dining, destinations, and entertainment.

Spa & Room Service

Boost revenue from guests conveniently booking spa appointments and room service on iPads.

One-click Tripadvisor

Stand out among competitors and give your business greater visibility with one-click access to Tripadvisor!

Join industry leaders as we create a new guest experience with the Digital Concierge
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Hear from Foli Partners

“We are proud to be technology leaders. It was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that we can be high tech, innovative and improve the guest experience by providing something new. We are excited to offer Foli because it enhances the guest experience and leverages geo-fencing technology, which is pretty innovative. Foli is a perfect fit for the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley, especially given we are in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

- Tracy Mercer, General Manager

“We are excited to offer Foli because we can leverage the technology that’s already in guests’ hands and give them something else that improves their experience. The Foli service also contributes to Galleria Park Hotel’s green initiative! Digital magazines and digital concierge save paper and reduce the overhead of constantly replacing paper!”

- James Lim, Area Managing Director of Joie de Vivre Hotels

“Our guests are delighted to learn they have access to a large library of complimentary magazines. It is the perfect amenity for a lazy day lounging by the pool!”

- Christy Winterbottom, Director of Marketing

“As a LEED Gold Certified hotel, partnering with Foli made perfect sense. It was an opportunity to improve our guests' experience without increasing our carbon footprint. Now we have a beautiful, custom platform to promote our hotel services and local attractions. We’re so proud of it, we have it on display in our lobby for all guests to see! The eGuest directory just makes sense. It decreases our costs and offers a better user experience for our guests. It’s a true win-win!”

- Siamak Nassirpour, Director of Operations

“Foli not only provides a beautiful amenity for our valued guests, but an opportunity for us to stand out in a competitive market. Our guests expect innovative, digital services like Foli, but the Interactive magazines are like nothing they’ve seen before. The audio and visual elements really wow our guests, and give us the edge we’re looking for to stay ahead. With Foli, we can improve our guests content selection, provide a more tailored experience, and maintain our hip, sleek look for traveling millennials. What’s not to love!”

- Daniela Garcia, Hotel Manager

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Get foli for your business
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